Nasal Irrigation for Seasonal Allergies

Spring seems to have arrived after a shaky start! The last 2 posts on seasonal allergies covered supplements, herbs, probiotics, and nutraceuticals. Seasonal Allergies: Astragalus, Pycnogenol and Silymarin Seasonal Allergies and Probiotics In addition to trying supplements either herbal or nutraceutical you could also try nasal irrigation for your allergies. Several studies have shown that … Continue reading Nasal Irrigation for Seasonal Allergies

Have a Cold? Try Echinacea, but use it Correctly

Echinacea is an amazing herb and after being touted as THE herb for the common cold was found on every health food store and pharmacy shelf. The problem is the quality of these products is widely variable and the recommended dosages are broad, some of them being ineffectual. The Cochrane Review Echinacea for preventing and … Continue reading Have a Cold? Try Echinacea, but use it Correctly