An Alternative Medicine Journal Watch for CAM practitioners

While working for a professional supplement company servicing Naturopaths and other CAM professionals, I discovered the enormity of the task of keeping up with complementary and alternative medicine research. This challenge was exacerbated by the fact that the information I was seeking was scattered across hundreds of alternative and mainstream peer reviewed medical journals. I could not find a journal watch focused on alternative medicine that gathered all the information for me.

I learned that my efforts to stay current with complementary and alternative medicine research were contributing to my ability to deliver compelling seminars to CAM professionals. They were also positioning me to continuously improve patient care in my private practice as a Medical Herbalist.

I found myself approaching the task of watching medical journals with profound interest and dedication.

When I started to share my complementary and alternative medicine research findings with colleagues, a client and Naturopath opened my eyes to the value that my journal watching could potentially offer to CAM practitioners. A alternative or complementary medicine journal watch was born.

I founded Galen’s Watch, a journal watch focused on complementary and alternative medicine research, to help other complementary practitioners like myself to stay up to date with new studies.

My experiences as a trained Medical Herbalist, a representative of Thorne Research, a consultant to the health food sector, an educator at a community centre and a media spokesperson for Gaia Garden have collectively granted me an understanding of CAM disciplines and the studies that are beneficial to CAM practitioners. This skill has become the foundation of my role as founder and principle researcher at Galen’s Watch.

Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH) – United Kingdom