Lavender Aromatherapy for Hot Flashes

menopause aromatherapy

Effect of lavender aromatherapy on menopause hot flushing: A crossover randomized clinical trial (find the full text here)

Flushing is generally considered to be the primary symptom of menopause and is typically the most common complaint in menopausal women. Although flushing poses no danger to a woman’s health, it decreases the quality of life. Thus, the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of lavender aromatherapy on menopause flushing. This double-blinded crossover clinical trial included 100 menopausal women 45–55 years of age who were referred to various health centers in Ardabil, Iran in 2013–2014. Samples were blocked randomly and divided into two intervention (lavender) and control (diluted milk) groups. Lavender aroma was smelled for 20 minutes twice a day, over a 12-week period. The results of our investigation showed that both groups had no significant difference according to demographic characteristics. Additionally, the flushing number significantly decreased in the intervention group than in the control group. This study indicated that the use of lavender aromatherapy reduced menopause flushing. Given the impact of stress on flushing and the undesirable effects of menopause symptoms on the quality of life, it would appear that this simple, noninvasive, safe, and effective method can be used by menopausal women with noticeable benefits.

Another study looked at aromatherapy massage compared to massage with a plain oil and found that “both massage and aromatherapy massage were effective in reducing menopausal symptoms. However, aromatherapy massage was more effective than only massage.” Unfortunately, they did not list the aromatherapy oils they used.






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